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Escape Game Design - Established May 2014

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Escape is Scotland's first live escape game company.

Escape opened in May 2014 and had roaring success in the first 4 months, quickly hitting number one on TripAdvisor for Edinburgh. The operation was extended quickly, opening a second branch in Glasgow at the end of August 2014.

We currently run 9 of our own sites across the UK. We have a licensed sites operating in New Zealand, Tasmania, 2 in the Uk, Ireland and Saudi Arabia.  We have built rooms in Tours in France for Escape Yourself and Dubai for Brainscape Games. Partnering in the US with Jess to bring Escape to the States in the form of Unravel Escape Games in September 2015 our future  franchise models in the US will be in the form of Unravel. The full list of sites we have worked with can be found at

We currently have a large selection of games but are open to helping you to develop your own themes. All of our games have been well received and we are continually pushing the boundaries and developing new ideas.

Contact us at  with your requirements and we will tailor a package that best suits your needs.




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Escape Edinburgh

1 St Colme Street, Edinburgh, EH3 6AA

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Escape Edinburgh

Escape Glasgow

Escape Newcastle

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Escape Clonakilty

Escape Dunedin

Escape Blackpool

Escape Yourself - Tours, France

Brainscape Games - Dubai

Unravel Escape Games - Lafayette, Louisiana




These are very basic examples of what we can offer you. At Escape we realise each client has different needs. The above is simply a guideline. Drop us an email at

We offer an initial consultation to assess your requirements and from there build a bespoke package just for your business.


Escape Yourself - Tours,France

Escape Yourself in Tours is the first site to purchase one of our games. It was a really exciting process with the rooms being built within 2 days followed by extensive testing on the Sunday.

Located in a region with connections to Leonardo Da Vinci there was really only one option for which game to install. Escape Yourself has opened with two Da Vinci Rooms, this gives teams the opportunity to compete against each other in identical game rooms.

We wish Nicolas the best of luck with Escape Yourself.

"When I had the idea of building a Live Escape Game in Tours (France), I chose to work with experienced people to be sure to have a game which has been tested and tweaked several times. I've been in touch with several companies selling game concept and Escape was definitely the most helpful and available to answer all my enquiries. They gave me a lot of advice on how to run and build the business. When they came to my place to set up the game, I could see that they knew exactly what they were doing. The game is now up and running and everything is working as expected. So I truly recommend to work with the guys from Escape.

- Nicolas, Escape Yourself



Unravel Live Escape Games - Louisiana

Escape made its first foray into the United States in partnership with Jess and Amanda to form Unravel.

In a phenomenally quick turnaround we received the keys on the Friday we arrived and managed to open the site 15 days later!

Unravel features three games Epidemic which is the equivalent of our Contagion room in Glasgow. The Da Vinci Room which now features in 6 different cities.Finally Swamp Tour which brings to life the old folk tale of the Rougarou and is based on our Taken Room in Edinburgh.

We are convinced that we will be back to open more Unravel sites in the States very soon! 


Brainscape Games Dubai

Falguni opened the doors to Brainscape Games Dubai in June 2015. Falguni originally played our first game in July 2014 and afterwards quickly got on touch to begin the process of bringing our games to Dubai.

Brainscape is setup with twin Classic rooms to allow teams to compete against each and a Da Vinci Room that looks absolutely superb. The exact business model we began with.

Based in an up and coming area of Dubai we are convinced Falguni is going to have great success with Brainscape.


Escape Clonakilty - Licensee in Ireland

Our first licensee is Geoff in Clonakilty in Southern Ireland. Geoff has an extensive background within the tourist industry in that area and while Clonakilty may not be a traditional escape game location the site Geoff picked was excellent.

We installed a Classic and a Da Vinci Room in this pop up site, the Da Vinci Room was particularly impressive and very thematic. 

Having received rave reviews on TripAdvisor and from the local community we are hopeful of working with Geoff again on future sites.


The Games

Currently there are 8 games available with 2 more in production. Each is available to purchase. If you have a request for a bespoke game then please get in contact and we can discuss building a game just for you.

Our current games are as follows - Classic Live Escape Game(3 variants), Espionage, Da Vinci Room, The Darker Side of Edinburgh, Contagion, The Taken Room.